Red Wattle Ranch
When only the BEST PORK will do

Welcome to Red Wattle Ranch! We have a great passion to provide the best pork possible. In our research for a unique product we came across a wonderful breed that produces a flavorful and well marbled meat, the Red Wattle hog. When you start with a great breed, then add a feed that is a non GMO soy free made right here in Texas, it doesn't get any better.

Come join us at the Keller Farmers Market  in Keller TX every Saturday from 8:00 am  to noon through October 26th! Every week we showcase our products for your tasting pleasure! Check out our BBQ packs (Brats, Italian Sausage, chops or ribs) for grilling!

After October 26 we will be sending out e-mails periodically throughout the winter months to meet at a specific location for delivering products until the Keller Farmers Market starts back up in May 2014. Just send us your e-mail address if you haven't yet signed up already. 

Questions? call us at: 214-577-6317

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